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The Year of Innovation aims to federate practices between the two countries, to open and develop
Franco-Thai cooperation. In this perspective, the criteria expected for the projects to be labeled are the
following :

Cooperation  - (relying on local partners, mobilizing and putting in synergy the companies, actors
or associations of both countries, highlighting the richness and the diversity of the bilateral
cooperation but also its dynamism and its innovatio
n ; 

Socialisation    - (meeting an identified demand from consumers or the Franco-Thai authorities,
being easily appropriated by the intended target) ;

Opening on long-term cooperation tracks    - (presenting an action plan

beyond 2023, anchoriingthis approach by creating a link with the existing French and Thai structures; exerting

its influence beyond a specific and local event

The project must be relevant to the bilateral and international institutional agenda. The projects will

have to be in phase with the priorities granted by the Franco-Thai authorities in the above-mentioned sectors with

a particular attention to the respect of the logic of green and bio-circular growth (BCG) which guides the Thai

political agenda.

In order to do so, the aspects to be taken into account are :

       The promotion and impact on key climatic, technical, scientific or cultural issues (identifying the
sectors concerned among the above-mentioned priority sectors, defining the objectives targeted in relation to the

priorities of the two countries);


       The capacity to gather and involve the actors (identifying the target audience; presenting a
communication campaign plan)

       Inclusive innovation, particularly in its social and environmental components, supporting a
sustainable, reasoned and balanced development (accessibility for people with disabilities, equality,

Finally, the projet should respond to broader criterias :

         Clarity and coherence of the project;

         The feasibility;

         A communication plan as clear and broad as possible.

How to submit your application

In order to get the label YOI for your events or projet, project leaders (companies, whatever their size,
associations, public institutions, NGOs, communities, etc.) are invited to complete the following
application. Companies are strongly encouraged to participate by including their "corporate"
communication approach in an innovative dynamic in order to make their products, services or
achievements better known in Thailand.

Deadline for applications: 5 weeks before the date of the event.


Download the apllication form 

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