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What is 2023 Thailand –France Year of Innovation ?

An overview

Why a Year of innovation ?

France and Thailand still perceive each other through the narrow prism of tourism,
gastronomy and luxury. This representation, is not unfounded, but does not do justice
to the many French companies that aspire to develop innovative solutions in Thailand
in multiple sectors, nor to the technological potential that Thailand seeks to develop
as part of its economic recovery. The Year of Innovation 2023 (YOI) is a joint initiative
born of this unrecognised dynamic.

How was the projet born ?

The YOI is mentionned in the Roadmap for Thai – French Relations (2022 – 2024),
which was signed by the Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
and the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris on 22 February 2022.
Our country endorsed the holding of such a blateral year dedicated to innovation in
2023 in order to enhance Thai - French relations to a strategic partnership by 2024.

What is the Year of innovation ?

The « 2023 Thailand –France Year of Innovation » is a transversal and
multidisciplinary year of cooperation between French and Thai people from the
institutional, academic and industrial sectors, encouraging the emergence of
new collaborations. The YOI will showcase throughout the year, the vibrant
cooperation between our two countries and strengthen the connections between
the researchers, companies, start-ups, but also all the new players in different
scientific, environnemental and technological fields.

In order to promote and update bilateral cooperation in the field of innovation, the
YOI is based on a resolutely proactive approach articulated around three objectives :

-  to stimulate exchanges between the two ecosystems in the field of

-  to ensure the synergies between key-actors by contributing to the
development of the research-enterprise-startup continuum,

-   to promote the attractiveness of our two countries as innovative

Based on the priorities of our companies, our existing cooperation in science and
research, and sectoral objectives, four priority areas are targeted :

1 - health, well-being and healthy food;
2 - air and space ;

3 - environment ;
4 - cultural and creative industries.

The YoI will enable Thailand and France to showcase their credentials and
partnership to the rest of the world. A positive reputation effect would ensue and
strengthen our capacity to attract new talents and partners. The aim is to promote the
latest advances, technologies and innovative solutions in each of the targeted
sectors, through events bringing together both experts and companies.

How does it work ?

The Year of innovation operates as a label to brand events and actions hosted
by Thailand and by France on priorities of mutual interest. All events or projects
under this label will benefit from common visuals, best practices, and networks. 1 A
joint communication effort (website, press releases, digital communication…)
will help, not only to advertise events, but also showcase existing and future
Flagship events in Thailand and France throughout 2023 could be used as
platforms for firms and agencies to showcase joint innovative projects
between our countries, or giving visibility to specific initiatives. Other events
could be specifically organized, such as meetings in the Embassies, seminars,
visits, start-ups exchanges, hackathons, etc.

From a methodological point of view, YOI encourages an approach based on
partnership, local initiatives and shared interests and objectives. The Thai
ownership of the initiative, as well as the implementation of concrete tools
(signature of structuring agreements, creation of a council of influence...) are
essential to strengthen the synergies between the actors and to catpure the potential
of this cooperation. Finally, this approach is consistent with the priority of the
Thailand regarding Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model.

The French Embassy will reach out to French and Thai partners, whether public or
private, located in France or in Thailand.

The Year of Innovation France-Thailand should not be a one-time mobilization. It
must lead us to focus on long-term priorities for both sides and it must provide the
opportunity to promote a long-term shared vision in favour of a responsible and
inclusive innovation model.

1 You can apply to the label by clicking on the following link.

From space to health, from culture to environment, YOI will remind the world that
France and Thailand are driven by a deep desire to reinvent themselves in order to
facilitate the development of their societies and economies.

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